How to make Rice Kheer 2021

Rice Kheer is one of the most common desserts all over India. Rice kheer is mainly composed of rice, milk and sugar. Rice kheer can be made in different ways with ingredient variations to create a different taste each time. Rice kheer has become so popular not only in India but also on foreign shores, having been introduced by Indians who have migrated to other countries. Rice kheer’s popularity amongst children has led many households to include it as part of their meal plan for young children aged between two and five years old. Rice kheer is very easy to make at home due to the lack of complicated cooking required.

Ingredients for Rice Kheer are milk , sugar , rice (washed), water , green cardamom, saffron , cashew nuts (chopped) and pistachio (sliced).

Tasty Rice Kheer in Pakistan

1. Rice Kheer Preparation:  To prepare Rice kheer, firstly take a saucepan. Then put the washed rice into the pan and mix in water as well as milk to cover the rice grains. After covering it with a lid, cook for about 10 minutes on medium heat. While the Rice Kheer is cooking, place a sieve over another pan or bowl to drain out excess liquid from cooked Rice Kheer after it has been cooked.

Rice Kheer 2021


2. Rice Kheer Cooking: When Rice Kheer is half-cooked remove from heat and add sugar, green cardamom pods and saffron. Rice Kheer can be served hot or cold by optionally adding ice cubes to Rice Kheer when serving it cold. Rice Kheer can also be garnished with nuts like cashew nuts and pistachio nuts before serving it .

3. Rice Kheer Serving: Rice kheer can be served in individual bowls or in a large dish for the whole family to share on special occasions such as festivals, birthdays and other significant celebrations. Rice kheer is normally eaten during winter months or nights due to its very sweet nature which makes it a great snack for children who would love some sweet treat after their dinner before going to bed.

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