How to make Curd Rice Recipe

The Curd Rice you eat here is slightly different than the Curd Rice you eat in India. The Curd rice eaten in India has a thicker consistency than the Curr​d Rice here does. I am writing this article because of popular demand by some members of my family. Since Auntie loves Curd Rice so much, she thought I should tell everyone how to make Curd rice from scratch!

The first thing you will need is Curds. Curds are easily available in any grocery store, but if you cannot find Curds, don’t worry! Curds are very simple to make. All you have to do is put milk in a container and let it sit out for 24 hours. Curds will appear automatically after the milk has sat out for 24 hours at room temperature. If you have access to raw milk then that’s even better since Cur​ds made from raw milk are easier to digest (for some people).

Curd Rice Recipe

Once you’ve acquired Curds, line a colander with cheesecloth or muslin cloth and set it on top of another bowl larger than the colander itself. Put the Curds inside of the colander. Now, place another bowl on top of the Curds. Weigh down the Curd with something heavy, so that Curds are crushed flat to squeeze out some of the excess water in them. Curds will need to be pressed for at least 10 minutes before you proceed with anything else. This can be done either while you are asleep or when you go out and about doing other things. Curds should be squeezed for a long time (10-12 hours) and they should really be squashed and compacted every once in a while to make sure all the water is released from inside of them.

Once you’ve finished pressing Curds, take Curds out of cheesecloth and set aside somewhere where Curds can continue to drain. Curds need to be pressed for at least one full hour (all told) before Curds are ready to proceed with the recipe. Curds should also be strained through cheesecloth so that Curds don’t have any lumps in them.

Once Curds are prepared, you will need Rice. You can choose either long grain or short grain rice depending on your taste preference and where Curd Rice originated from. I personally like Curd Rice made with short grain rice, but if you live in an area where there is shortage of water then you shouldn’t use short grain rice because it takes more water than long grain rice does to grind into a paste. Long Grain Curd Rice is very good if you are not worried about Curds coming out creamy or watery. Curd rice should be white, so use long grain Curds ​when Curd rice is to be served as a side dish rather than as the main meal.

Soak Rice for 30 minutes (I prefer this because soaking gives Rice grains more time to absorb Curd). Then rinse Rice under running water and set aside somewhere where it can drain for 10 minutes. While R​ice is draining prepare Curd sauce by adding Curds into a mixer/blender with salt, green chilies (optional), mustard oil (if desired) and some freshly ground black pepper to taste. Add only enough water to make Curds thick enough to grind Curds into a smooth paste. Curd sauce is best when Curds are slightly heated before blending, but this step is optional. Curd sauce should not be watery or thin at all if you are using freshly ground black pepper with Curds. Curd sauce should also have the consistency of sour cream.

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