Tasty and Hot Gol Gappay in Lahore

Pakistan is a land of very rich cultural heritage. In recent times, there has been a lot of emphasis on our culture and it is slowly being implemented into the society that we live in today. Pakistanis have been known for their love for food from around the world, but most importantly they enjoy eating traditional Pakistani cuisine. One of the biggest parts of Pakistani food are the desserts; all kinds ranging from dry to ice cream.

Tasty Gol Gappay in Lahore

One dish that has made its way to success over time is “Gol Gappay”, which literally means “water bubbles” in Punjabi language because these little balls of heaven feel like water bubbles when you bite into them. These dumplings are also known as “paneri”, or sweet dumplings, that is also made of flour.

Gol Gappa

This unique food has been around since the Mughal era and was one of their most famous dishes back then. Many people correlate this dish with Lahore since it is believed to have originated in the city, but only time will tell with concrete evidence.

There are many variations to making Gol Gappay; some are fried while others are baked or boiled. They are normally filled with a mixture of sugar, cardamom powder, crushed nuts, dry fruits and other condiments that give them a very unique taste. These dumplings can be brought from any bakery located in Pakistan but they taste best when homemade and served hot and fresh off the stove!

However you choose to eat these dumplings, they are an amazing cultural dish that should be enjoyed by many people; not just Pakistanis.

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